Jaipur man loses wife in bet gets her raped by friend on pretext of halala

Jaipur man loses wife in bet gets her raped by friend on pretext of halala : A Muslim man from Jaipur lost his wife in a bet, then forced her to sleep with his friend on the pretext of ‘nikah halala’.

As per the report in HT that after the incident, the angry 42-year-old woman filed a rape complaint in the nearby police station.


What is ‘Nikah halala’? – It is man date that if a woman wants to go back to her husband after a divorce, she must first consummate her marriage with another man.

The woman alleged that her husband had got her raped by his friend. She said that I cannot get over the insult and shame meted out to me. I feel angry, depressed and scared.

The woman said that her 50-year-old husband is her cousin and divorced her around eight months ago after 25 years of marriage. The victim woman claimed that he tried to convince her to sleep with other men, but when she refused, he gave her triple talaq.

However, The man defended his decision to invoke halala.

The husband of the woman drove her to the house of his friend on 5th August on the pretext of going for a drive. Because she was feeling ill, he gave her some tablets to eat. But, after consuming those tablets, she began to feel dizzy.

The man gave his wife more tablets after reaching house of the friend. The next thing she remembered that she was waking up naked on the floor next to the man’s friend.

The husband warned her not to approach the police, even as he showed her a video clip of the rape.

But at last, the victim approached the police and sought Muslim civil rights campaigners’ help. She filed a case of rape against the man’s friend.

The man and his friend are absconding now.