Jairam, Farmer Rs 1 lakh Crop was Damaged But He got 81 rs cheque by district administration

Jairam, Farmer Rs 1 lakh Crop was Damaged But He got 81 rs cheque by district administration :- A farmer in Surguja got 81rs cheque from district administration as compensation for crop loss. The name of the farmer is Jairam.  He said that his crop spread across 4 acres worth around rupees 1 lakh rupees was damaged and he got 81 rupees cheque by district administration.


Now he is saying that what will he do with this 81rs cheque whether he would repay loan or commit suicide?. He is in big trouble. Well it’s a bitter truth that so many farmers did not even get 1 single penny for their crop losses.

The government should take action to think about the farmers.  They are the main sources of food for whole country and this types of situation for farmers leads them in a very bad condition for every farmer.

This year so many farmers extend a big loss because of hailstone. Crores rupees of crops destroyed in this country. There are many reasons due to which life of farmers isn’t easy. And Corruption makes everything even more complicated for the farmer who is living in the edge.

This is the primary reason for the suicides. Compounded with lack of insurances and no support from the state governments and union governments, insecure future are pushing farmers off the edge. Well its a big stage problem for the government. And these types of problems happened with every second or third farmer and today Jairam in one of them.