Jamai Raja 11th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Mahi gets emotional

Jamai Raja 11th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Mahi gets emotional :- The last week episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with begins with Satya taunts Payal after getting married with Maahi and he just helps Payal when somehow Payal slip and fall down to have a massive hurt on hurt head and hands. Satya takes Payal to her room where he pranks with Payal that she is his Saasu Maa (Mother-in-law) so he will be taking care of her, about which Payal smiles like an annoying.


Now Satya and Maahi are on their wedding room to have the wedding night to see that Maahi is just annoying to see Satya as her husband. Satya catches jokes with her and he also asked to her that she doesn’t want to be with Satya okay and if she is in no mood to sleep with him it is okay he will be sleeping on the floor.

Both Maahi and Satya are now engaged in the funny fight to see both Maahi and Satya come to close off each other. In their proximity both Maahi and Satya stares at each other and have an eye lock to lose in each other’s eyes. Eventually, Maahi realised that she is too close to Satya and she just separates her from him.

She put her bed on the floor to sleep on the floor and she allowed Satya to sleep in the bed. Satya tries to speak with Maahi but all goes in vain as Maahi just ignore him. Satya’s mother is worried for Satya and she is just waiting for him why till now Satya did not come.

Next morning when Dida tries to say something to Payal about Maahi and Satya, Payal just in that time insults Dida and Payal’s son also humiliated Dida. He asked the servant to call Maahi as Payal mom is waiting for her. Payal is worried that Maahi should not fall in love with Satya as if Maahi will be loving him than her plan will be ruin.

Maahi now curse her by saying how can be she so irresponsible as Payal mom first drink tea prepares by her and till now Maahi did not prepares tea and breakfast for mom. Satya is just now looking on Maahi that how concern she is for Payal who is a selfish woman.

Satya’s mother is looking for Satya and she looks worried for Satya. Satya is on the other hand having a good time with Dida in the Sengupta house.

Precap: Payal burns her hand with Diya. Mahi stops her and asks her not to hurt herself. Later Payal removes the bandage and sees her hand well. Satya decided to reveal Payal’s reality to Maahi.