Jamai Raja 12th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Satya loves mahi

Jamai Raja 12th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Satya loves mahi :- ZEE TV most exciting interesting show, Jamai Raja looks like a favorable entertaining show, which gives the huge voltage potential that drives to the Jamai Raja supporters.


Jamai Raja 12th October 2016 Written Update

The fabulous TV series Jamai Raja especially made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never cutting dilemma way and promptly the head crux of the show is to showcase in the latest episodes that, Mahi says if your garbage is over, the might I go. Satya requests that she hear him first and says he can’t drink day by day and destroy his liver. He tells that he is not her adversary, and says I simply need to see your advancement and grin all over.

Actually, In the event that you grin then I continue grinning throughout the day. On the off chance that you cry, then tears tumble down from my eyes. I believe the same as you, and tells don’t know how we got tied up. He says I never accepted on adoration, however not currently. He says you called me the bug and so forth.

Where In the last episode,Satya tells Mahi that he didn’t marry her for money, however wedded her as he adores her. Mahi gets passionate and mournful eyes.

Where In the latest episode, Mahi says it dislike that. Satya says it’s alright, we will go. Satya and Naina are clearing out. Satya tells Naina that Mahi will come. Mahi stops them and says she will likewise come. Satya requests that she come quick.

Mahi says I am not conversing with you. Satya sits in auto after Mahi and Naina. Shom and Koel look on irately. Naina, Satya, and Mahi go to the NGO to go to Dussera work.

Mahi sees Satya moving holding coal pot. Naina signs Mahi to go. Mahi likewise moves grasping the coal pot. She reviews her youth and moves. She is going to slip, yet Satya holds her.

Naina grins taking a gander at them. Coordinator expresses gratitude toward Satya for going to the festival and approaches children to come and stance for pics. He expresses gratitude toward Satya for sorting out the occasion.

Mahi ponders when did he motivate time. Payal and Shom look on. Shom calls Mahi and she goes to go to call. Shom calls Mahi and tells that mother is looking you. Mahi says I will simply be back. Payal thinks to control her more.

She does aarti. Mahi comes there and says she ran with dida. Satya comes there moreover. Payal controls her outrage and says you went for puja, and I was stressing pointlessly.

She says I made these game plans for you, with the goal that you can do puja at home. She acts passionate and says you would have educated me at least. Mahi says there is in no way like that. Payal says I comprehend and goes.

Mahi gets sad eyes. Satya tells Mahi that Payal is extremely smart and have quite recently acted to keep puja here. He says wouldn’t you be able to see what she is up to?

Mahi requests that him not aggravate the things and says there is a misconception between them as a result of him, and goes.

Satya is sorrowful eyes too. Mahi hears some commotion in the night and leaves the house. She sees broken plant pot and Satya remaining on the window divider and drinking.