Satya & Mahi get romantic! Jamai Raja 15th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Satya & Mahi get romantic! Jamai Raja 15th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Payal announced to Satya that she is keen to have the house as she is all set to make an office here as per companies rule. Satya is in no mood to hand over their house to Payal but Payal keen to have it as she is ready to pay the compensations. On the other hand in the night Koel is keen to attain a party in Alibagh.


Satya was with her and he asked to her that the place is not good for Koel to go for that Koel lashes out at Satya considering him that why he is keen to intervene in her life. Koel also said that she is keen to attain the party in Alibagh so she will be going there anyhow.

Koel also fumes on anger to see that Maahi arrives there with her and she accused Maahi of peeping her always. She asked to Maahi that why she is here arrives by following her and Maahi said as she is keen to take care of Koel and she also asked to her that even mom was worried for you.

Koel said that it was mine and mum’s affair; you just stay out of it. And due to Koel asked Maahi to leave she leave but in the house, Maahi is shocked to see that Koel still not come. Payal scolded Koel that why you leave her alone in the party.

In the Alibagh party when the boys tried to molest her, it is Satya saves her, he also brings the drunken Koel on the house as he asked to Payaal that she need to spare their house.

He also indirectly taunts Maahi that some people are gutter inspector and all that. Paayal said thanks to him as Satya bring the drunken Koel in the house. He also gives some advice to Payaal which keep Payaal awestruck.

Precap: Satya and Mahi get romantic….while the song Boldo Na Zara plays………