Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Mahi seeing a shadow in her room and she got frightened. She says “Altu-Jalatu” and suddenly her door bell ranged and it was Satya, as he brought the cake for her.

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Jamai Raja 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mahi took a broom nd went to open the door. When she open the dorr, she finds out a cake and in which the only writer “hi” and she says who has eaten “Ma” form Mahi. She saw Satya and tried to stop him, but he left and Mahi says Happy birthday to me.

On the others die, Kajal asked Deepu to leave from there. In between all this Satya came there and told Kajal that he will help him as she is her dear sister. Then, Deepu and Satya started fighting, but police came there and arrested both Deepu and Satya.

Payal called Koel and thinks where is she? She received Inspector’s call, and they informed her that Koel is brought to the police station as she troubled everyone in the night time. He thinks her to be Payal and asked her to come soon.

Mahi says I have to inform Mamma and she rushes to Payal and says my sister is in Police station. She says, Koel….Payal looks on. Meanwhile, Mahi and Satya collide in the police station, but couldn’t see each other faces.

Satya heard Mahi calling their her and get angry. Koel is drunk and beats the constables and she asked them not to come near her, else she will put everyone in lock up. Payal also comes there. Koel told her losers and says I will lock you all in lock up. Satya sees her and smiles.

Meanwhile, Payal came to know that Koel is drunk. Koel sees Payal and says Mummy darling has come. Mahi asked Koel to control herself, but Koel tries to slap Mahi. Mahi holds her hand and told her that we all are very tensed because of her.

Mahi apologizes to Inspector on behalf of Koel. Policemen told Payal that if she would not have been her daughter, then they would have beaten her. Payal thanked inspector for not filling any charges against Koel and asked Koel to come with them.

But, Koel refuses to nd Inspector lock her up. Then, Satya says Deepu that their Aayi has given very good addicts, unlike Koel’s mother.
On the other ide, Gangu Tai was getting worried for Satya and asked the Sunil to do something but Kajal told her Gangu Tai that Satya will manage anything and he will be absolute fine.

MEnahwile, in the Police station, Satya was seen talking to the constables and he was appreciating him for his good looks and asked him to wear black glasses, so Karan Johar will cast him in his movie.

Satya also told constable that her Aai really cooks god Modak and he will send 4 boxes of Modak to him. And, Constable became happy and unlocked Deepu and Satya. Meanwhile, Satya hears that Koel was saying that she has a white bag in the car and from that she buy the whole Police station.

Then, Satya promised Deepu that he will make Koel dance on his track till Ganesh Chaturthi.


In the upcoming episode, Satya brings Koel to Payal’s house. He rings a door bell and gets Gangu Tai’s call. She asks him to shut up and cuts the call. Mahi opens the door and finds Koel unconsciously sitting near the wall.