Jamai Raja 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Goons hit Satya!

Jamai Raja 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Goons hit Satya! : The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with the entire Sen Gupta family is on the breakfast table where suddenly the police come and they arrest Satya by saying that he cheated with the people of chawl. The police also asked about Satya that he prepares a false document of the chawl people.


Maahi and Dida look worried to know so and both of them unable trust this allegation. But Maahi got confused when Payal did drama in front of Maahi by calling Satya a cheater and she also cries for the people of chawl. Payal cursed Satya and keep giving allegations on him that he prepares the false certificate.

Jamai Raja 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

The police arrest Satya, Satya keep saying that he did not did anything but still police arrest her. Now Satya asked to the lawyer of Payal Mr. Mehta that he have to reveals the truth that he is not the cheater unless he will be release the romance he did with young girl in the office.

Satya asked to Mr. Mehta that he actually captures the romance which he did with the girls and Satya put a condition that if he will not reveals to the police that he is innocent then he will be release this romance video of Mr. Mehta in the internet.

Mr. Mehta looks panic and he decided to support Satya as he is need to save his image now anyway. Now Maahi asked to Payal that because of Mr. Mehta’s statement it is clear that Satya is the innocent and she asked to Payal that we need to make him free. Payal go upset to see that her planned has been ruined.

Now Maahi determined to make Satya free anyhow from the bar. Dida asked to Maahi on the other hand that Satya is perfect for her but Maahi asked to her that but she doesn’t love him.

Dida asked to Maahi that are you asking the question to yourself that whether you loves Satya or not. Maahi looks sceptical.

Precap: Satya run away from the cell and the police are now running after him.