Jamai Raja 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Payal Is Shocked

Jamai Raja 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Payal Is Shocked :- The last night episode TV series Jamai Raja begins with Satya is trapped by the inspector and some men. Satya is trying his best to make him free but the inspector and his men hold him tight and suddenly Maahi go there. Maahi is shocked to see that the inspector is putting the gun on Satya and Maahi looks panic to see this scene.


She thinks to have a way by which she can save Satya and suddenly she sees a brick and Maahi literally throw it on over the hands of the inspector and the inspector loses his gun. Now inspector asked to the men to hold Maahi but Satya then fight with everybody to make them injured.

In this process Satya also received massive wound but both of them manages to run away. After sitting in the car both Maahi and Satya feel love for each other and Maahi realised that she is in love with Satya. In the Sen Gupta house now Payal seek apology from Satya but it was just her fake acting.

Maahi is not aware of the reality of Payal till now and she feels happy to see that genuinely her mother seek an apology from Satya as she has some misunderstanding.

Now Maahi keeps the Karwa Chauth Vrat for Satya and she successfully does her Puja with Satya. Afterward, of the Karwa Chauth Satya taunts Payal that very soon he will be reveal herself also he did sarcasm to her that whenever he will be having a wound, his first aid should be done by his Saasu Maa.

Now in the midnight Satya went to the man who disguise as the inspector and Satya just beat him a lot. On the other hand, Dida and Maahi looks worried as Satya is missing from the house in the midnight but suddenly they see that Satya come to the home with that inspector.

Maahi is shocked to see the inspector and she asked Payal that Mamma this is the same inspector who arrests Satya. Payal looks tensed.

Precap: Satya asked Mahi that somebody you are having in your life who is keen to snatch everything from you. Satya just put his finger towards Payal and Payal looked shocked and scared.