Everyone Is Shocked! Jamai Raja 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone Is Shocked! Jamai Raja 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Satya and Mahi was on the ride. Mahi enjoys the ride, and she put her head on Satya’s shoulder. Satya discovers her feeling toward Mahia. They both reached home, and Satya asked Mahi to get up. Mahi smiles and goes. Satya says she will never understand Mahi.


Koel was looking for the wine of bottle, and she was throwing everything in her room. Mahi came there and said I hide your mother as mummy told me to do so. Koel throws the thing on Mahi, and she was about to hit Mahi with a solid thing, but Satya came there and stopped Koel.

Mahi scolded Satya and asked him not to interfere in her matter with Koel. Satya says he saved her otherwise her head was struck. Mahi asked Satya to get out of the room.

Koel asked Mahi to get out of the room and calls Satya her hero. Mahi has tears in her eyes and Satya looks her. They leave, and Koel follows Satya and apologizes to him for burning the dress. Koel goes to get ready.

Mahi comes there wearing a beautiful dress. Satya looks to her. Mahi meets Dhawal and greets him. Dhawal presented an expensive diamond pendant to Mahi, but she refused to take it.

Dhawal insisted Mahi and tried to make Mahi wear the pendant. But, pendant got struck, and Mahi was feeling uncomfortable. Satya came there and helped Mahi wearing the pendant.

Dhawal informed Mahi that he had organized a party at his farm house. Koel says we will also come, and she asked Satya to join her. Satya asked naina’s permission, and Naina allowed him to go.

They all leave, and Payal came there and told Naina that Satya is not Siddhart nor his son, and thus, I allowed him to enter the house. Naina says he looks alike Siddharth, and he will take care of us like Siddharth.

Dhawal introduces Mahi to his friends and touches her. Mahi feels uncomfortable, and Satya did not like it. Koel told Satya that I would get the drinks for us. Satya goes and sits on the table beside Mahi, and he intentionally makes Dhawal falls, and Dhawal gets angry.


Dhawal spikes Mahi’s drink. Satya will tell Mahi that Dhawal is Mad. Mahi will say you are mad. Mahi is dancing weirdly, and everyone gets shocked and looks at her.