Jamai Raja 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Inspector arrest Satya

Jamai Raja 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Inspector arrest Satya :- Zee TV most customary interesting program, Jamai Raja looks like an entertaining exciting show, which gives the infinite voltage potential that gets to the Jamai Raja followers.


Jamai Raja 1st November 2016 Written Updates

The amazing TV series Jamai Raja made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never irrelevant dilemma way and changing , the continued crux of the program is to showcase in the current episodes that, SSpecialist tells that Mahi couldn’t talk as a result of smoldering in her vocal lines. Payal requests that Inspector capture Satya. Auditor can’t.

Where In the latest episode, Payal comes to Mahi and asks where is she going? Mahi advises her that she is going to Pune for few days. Payal thinks on the off chance that she goes to Pune then who will sign property papers, and requests that her stay back, says we will deal with.

Mahi says she can’t remain here any longer and will feel better with the change. Payal says you realize that Satya is behind you and have hitched you for your cash, and says she is especially agonized over her.

She says we will do a certain something, we will get the property exchanged from your name. She solicits her to make her trustee from the property. Mahi says I concur, and says she will sign on the papers in the wake of coming back from Pune.

Payal grins and asks how you will go? Mahi says she will drive without anyone else. Somebody is seen coming up short the auto’s brakes. Payal requests that mahi reconsider.

Mahi keeps her stuff in the auto. Payal requests that her fare thee well. Mahi takes off. Payal looks on with some shrouded intention. Satya sees Mahi leaving in her auto and thinks to converse with her some way or another. He takes after her auto.

Mahi understands that her auto brakes is fizzled. She tries to put brakes and calls Payal. She illuminates her that auto brakes is fizzled. Payal thinks on the off chance that anything happens to her then everything will go in philanthropy.

She requests that Mahi back off the speed of auto. Mahi yells Mamma as her auto tumbles from the bluff. Payal sits in stun and the glass from her hand tumbles down.

Everybody assemble at the mishap spot and sees Mahi’s auto blazing. Satya additionally comes there and keeps running close to the auto. He sees Mahi stuck in the auto oblivious and requests that her open her eyes.

He brings her out with much trouble and goes in rescue vehicle. Payal comes to there with Mitul, and sees Mahi’s auto blazing. She gets stunned and thinks nothing might happen to her else my arrangements will come up short.

She is going to go towards the auto, however somebody stops her and asks where she is going? Payal says my little girl is in the auto. That man advises her that somebody safeguarded her little girl and took her to clinic.