Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 21st October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 21st October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Koel somehow insults Satya and Payal acts like scolding Koel for that as she has no right to insults Satya as he is not the same guy from the chawl he is actually Jamai of the Sen Gupta family.


Jamai Raja 21st October 2016 Episode

Payal planned to kill Satya either or to create a situation in which Mahi should hate Satya for life. Payal tries to do something with her son Shom to ruin Satya’s image but something happens in which Satya receives a massive electric shock and he just loses his cool to go unconscious.

Now doctor arrives and did the treatment of Satya by which Satya receives his sense but the Sen Gupta family is shocked to see that after gaining conscious why Satya is behaving like a child.

Regarding this issue, the doctor asked Naina and Mahi that after having electric shock it is Satya is suffering from retrograde amnesia in which he is having a major partial memory lose and now he is having a brain of a 10 years old child.

The family looked tensed and the doctor asked about Satya that by proper medications and rest Satya will be fine but remember that he should not have any major shock as it can harm his brain to risk his life.

Payal thinks it must be a drama of Satya in pretends to have a memory lose so she asked Koel to look after the fact properly as Payal and Koel are having doubt on Satya. Payal did drama in front of Mahi that we need to take care of Satya properly as he is having a major problem and Mahi said no need to worry as she will be taking care of Satya properly.

In the meantime, Payal is now jealous to see that Mahi is getting close to Satya, and she also angry with Satya as now Mahi is giving her first priority to him.

Precap: Mahi is taking care of Satya, Payal goes annoyed and thinks to expose Satya as soon as possible in front Mahi.