Satya & Mahi love Story start! Jamai Raja 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Satya & Mahi love Story start! Jamai Raja 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The episode starts with Satya asking Naina whenever he tried to go away from the Mahi; something brings him closer to Mahi. He says I grew up in Chawl so, he is not that much intelligent to understand all this thing.


Naina says he just need to look back into his mind and soon, he will find the answers. Koel was fighting with Mahi for taking Satya away from her. Naina came there, and Mahi told her that Satya is the problem for, me for quite some time. But, Naina told her that Satya has always saved Mahi’s life.

Mahi agreed and went to thank Satya for saving her from getting embarrassed. On the other hand, Satya was showing a file to Payal in which the Chawl people has signed. Payal goes, and Koel came there.

Satya and Mahi feel down on sofa and Mahi came there. Mahi was chocked to see Satya and Koel in an uncomfortable state, and she apologizes. But, Koel inside and Satya tried to explain to her that she is thinking wrong.

Mahi went into her room, and Satya followed her and reached her room. Satya told her that he was innocent, and Koel was doing all this. Mahi asked him why he is giving an explanation when she has not asked for any explanation. Satya says I just want to clear it because I don’t want any kind of misunderstanding.

Mahi shouts and says why you are telling me and what relationship we have? Satya holds her closer and Mahi asked to leave. Dhawal came there and threatened Satya. Satya gave him a punch, and they both holds each other color.

Mahi slapped Satya and asked him to get out. Dhawal gets happy. Satya met Naina and asked her why he does not get angry when Mahi slapped her? Naina says you love my Mahi.

Satya went out and asked God to give him a sign if he truely loves Mahi. A few drops of rain fall on his hand and the rain came. Satya dreams and dances with Mahi.

Later, Satya reached his home, and Gangu Tai asked him why you are drenched in Rain? But Satya was in the dream, and he did not listen to Gangu Tai. Gangu Tai says Satya went mad, and Kajal asked him do you fall in love? Do anyone else tell you about it?

Satya gets shocked and recalls Naina’s word.


In the upcoming episode, Mahi will check the fever of Satya, and he will tell her that he has a bad fever. Mahi will say to him that she will make a Kada for him. Satya will dream that Mahi is dressed in traditional saree and she is smiling.