Mega Twist! Jamai Raja 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! Jamai Raja 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Payal open the door and happy to see Shom there. She just hugs him and welcomes him with open arms. Shom asked Payal he is too tired as he had to come in the economic class of flight as he fails to have the ticket of the business class.

Jamai Raja Episode Written Updates

Jamai Raja 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Payal said to Om oh my son and embraced him. She asked him are you will work or you will take rest as you are looking tired. Shom said I will work as I am fed up of your fake daughters. He asked Payal I need to go in the Mr. Tulasker party and we need to take Koel with us.

And Payal gives the nod. Now Payal asked Koel to join them in the Mr. Tulasker’s party, Koel initially refused but she gives the nod when Payal give her credit card and she also asked Payal that makes sure Mahi should not come in the party and Payal agreed.

In the mean time Gangu Tai is fed up of the constant electricity, she also received a shock when she tries to repair the same but Satya save her in the nick of time also he cursed electricity board for being too late to repair the electricity.

In the mean time, when Kajal asked Satya whom he wants in her life, Mahi or Koel. Satya says Mahi is a Chipkali and Koel is my type so I want Koel in my life.

Payal makes a situation in the mean time in which Mahi asked that she will not attain Mr. Tulasker’s party, in fact, she will be in the home to take care of Dida. She asked Payal that you need to attain the Mr. Tulasker’s party as it is an important business deal.

Afterward, Shom, Payal, and Koel left for the party she sees that Payal forget her phone in the house and she thinks to pass it to Maa. So she asked Dida to take rest and rushes to give the phone to Maa in the party and she will be right back.

Precap: Mahi also comes to Mr. Tulaskar’s house. One of the kids falls down and Mahi takes care of him.

Satya sees her and signs kid not to take Satya’s name.