Satya gets some files! Jamai Raja 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Satya gets some files! Jamai Raja 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Naina telling Mahi that Payal only cares about Koel and can never be your mom. Mahi goes to Payal’s room by holding her ears and apologizes. Payal acts and cries and says maybe the world will think that I am your stepmom. Mahi told her that you are my mother and will always remain my mom. Payal thinks may be Naina is right. Mahi gets emotional and Payal smirks.


On the other side, Satya was thinking about Mahi and says Mahi is struck on the walls like Lizard. Satya does poetry and says Mahi has made him poet in her love. Mahi thinks why Satya entered his life? She says Satya is not a bad guy but every time I meet him; things fell out of their places. She decided to announce her answered to Payal next morning. Satya also decided to confess his love to Mahi next morning.

Next morning Satya get ready and practices to propose Mahi in a mirror. Satya asked God to help him by giving him the strength to confess his love to Mahi.

Satya bought a bouquet for Mahi and went to Payal’s house. He reached there and found the house decorated. Koel told Satya that he came to the right and make him ear sweets. She said that Mahi and Dhawal’s marriage is got fixed. Satya gets shocked and get shattered.

Satya looked Mahi and went toward Mahi. They both move toward each other slowly. “Chann Che jo Toota Koi Sapna” songs plays. Satya congrats Mahi. He moves his hand to congratulate, and Mahi gave her hand into his hand. Satya says I never know that you like Dhawal this much. Mahi says Dhawal is a good man, and Mumma chooses it. Satya she now he must go. Both Satya and Mahi get teary eyes, and they leave. Mahi cries and thinks why she is crying? Satya also cries.


Satya will Payal that she is doing urgency in Mahi’s marriage. Payal says she has allergy with dust, and she asked Satya to find the file. Satya will get some file.