Jamai Raja 26th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Satya Is Tensed

Jamai Raja 26th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Satya Is Tensed :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Satya is speaking with Dida and he asked to her that he did not give money Shom instead he give bubble gum on his hands which sticks with his hands. Dida praised Satya and asked to him then where the money is and Satya asked Dida that he kept money in the right place.


Now Satya smiles with Dida and shares some quality time. Mahi now in the morning asked to Shom that he need to get ready as soon as possible, Shom asked her why and Mahi said that it is as today is Bhaai Duj and we are going to celebrates that.

Mahi also asked to him that on this pious occasion of Bhaai Duj I will be doing the Teeka of yours but full on anger throws the Puja Thaali also consider Mahi as the servant of the house, not his sister. It hurts Mahi and she rushes to her room where she cries a lot.

Satya consoles her and Mahi asked to him that she always consider Shom as her brother but she is in pain to realize that Shom never considers her as his sister.

Somehow arguments took place between Shom and Satya and when Shom was about to hurt Satya, Mahi just throws him out of the house. Payal also did drama by scolding Shom in front of Mahi for that Mahi also did not react and she left. Satya looks and smiles.

But Satya remains happy and Payal threatens her being alone when he is that she won’t spare him as because of him today Mahi dare to raise hands on Shom as well she dare to throw him out of the Sen Gupta house and Shom is my son so I won’t leave you now anyway.

Precap: A woman comes and falls on Satya. She shouts. Mahi comes and asks who is she? Payal tells that Nagma is a nurse now she will be taking care of Satya.