Satya & Mahi get romantic! Jamai Raja 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Satya & Mahi get romantic! Jamai Raja 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Naina telling Satya about Siddharth Khurana. She told him that he not even looks like Siddharth but even he behaves like Siddharth. Naina asked her to win Mahi’s love. Satya promises that he will marry Mahi and called Dida to Niana. Nian gets happy.


Satya thinks that Mahi will come to him after seeing the letter. Mahi came there and threw the bouquet on his face and told him that she get insulted just because of him. Satya holds Mahi’s hand and gets closer.

Mahi pushed him back and told him that Koel loves him. Satya thinks he will make her feel for her. Satya and Payal were searching a dairy. Satya told Payal that she is doing urgency in Mahi’s marriage. Payal told him that she has an allergy from dust and she leaves.

Satya finds Siddharth’s diary and finds that Siddharth has written the dairy for his son Karanveer. Satya thinks he is Siddharth son and reads Diary. On the other side, Payal told Naina that she had not hired a wedding planner for Mahi’s marriage. Satya says he will be the wedding planner for Mahi’s marriage. Payal agrees.

Satya went back to the store room, and Mahi came there and told him that she would not let him destroy her marriage. Satya thinks groom will chance, and I will become Mahi’s husband.

Payal talked with a lawyer and told him that Mahi is getting married in a week and before it, I want the property to get transferred to my name. Mahi came there, but she did not hear anything.

Satya remembers Siddharth words that to win a battle we need to do friendship with the enemy. He saw Dhawal coming and acted friendly with him. Later, Payal asked Dhawal why you are getting nervous? Dhawal says I am trying to impress her. Payal says if he does not win her heart then they will not get the single penny.

Satya hears this and gets shocked.


Satya and Mahi get romantic while the song Afreen plays