Satya gets angry on mahi! Jamai Raja 27th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Satya gets angry on mahi! Jamai Raja 27th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Mahi following Satya and reached Basti. She tries to find out the address of Satya but no one was telling her. But, then one of the boys recognises her and told him about the address of Satya.


Mahi comes to the address and Gangu Tai throws garbage on her. Then, she apologises to her. Mahi says this was my fault as I do not saw you. then, she asked her do you know a guy name Satya. Gangu Tai told her that yes, he is my son his photo is hanging on the wall.

But, when Mahi was entering the house, Satya told something to vegetable seller and vegetable seller blows the horn of Mahi’s car. Mahi rushes to her car and found vegetable seller there.

The vegetable seller told her that because of her he has a loss. Mahi told him that she will pay for the loss. Deepu comes there and argues with her. Satya thinks, now he should help Mahi as she got in a problem because of him. He hides his face and hold the hand of Mahi and took her into her car. Mahi thinks who this man is and then, she leaves from there.

Mahi returns her house and told everything about the incident to Koel. She asked her to come with her. Koel think may be Mahi is right. On the other side, Payal was scolding her employee and asked them to bring Satya. Then, she decided to go and meet Satya by herself.

Mahi and Koel went to the baasti. Satya was celebrating and cutting the cake. The children of Basti gifted his t-shirt and google. Satya feels emotional and cuts the cake with them. Children’s applies cake into his face. Satya sees Mahi and Koel and asked the kids to start Satyagiri.

Satya meet them and told them that he was there to celebrate his birthday with the poor people. He also told them that he is giving food and free education to these kids. Then, all kids came there and told Satya that you made our life. Koel scolds Mahi and told her that she doubted on wrong people.


In the upcoming episode, Mahi will hit Satya on his feet and goes. Payal came there with her employees.