Sid & Bunty are Shocked! Jamai Raja 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Sid & Bunty are Shocked! Jamai Raja 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- We are back with the brand new episode, Where Sid says Payal that we will discover a way as the American businessman don’t know English and another side Payal question that, why they are acting like Japanese and Sid and Bunty are offended.

Where on the other side, Before this incident Mitul consumes Roshni inside space. Payal thinks to make Neil go out, and his value ought not to be more than a puppy.

Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja Today Episode Written Updates

Sid goes to Roshni’s room later in the night through the window. Roshni says I tumbled down and got hurt. Sid requests that she be there and says I will bring the solution for you.

Neil is resting. Roshni sings Main Naachun Aaj Chamcham… Sid applies gauze on her hand. Sid hears somebody coming and tells Roshni that Payal is coming.

Roshni requests that him not go and says I will toss her out of the window. Sid says now I need to go before she sees me. He makes her lay on overnight boardinghouse. Payal comes to the room. Roshni says witch has come, I will execute you.

Neil tumbles down in the morning. Roshni gets up listening to his shout, however, acts to rest seeing Ria’s worry.

Payal calls Ria seeing her worry towards Neil and thinks to prevent her from succumbing to her. Roshni converses with Sid on a telephone and says you sedated my halwa.

Sid says when I came to meet you, you requested that me not go and was going to kiss me and so forth. He sees office fouled up and closes the call.

He tells that meeting will happen today itself and requests that Bunty accomplishes something. He says he will give back Neil’s organization to him.

Payal requests that Mitul comes. Mitul says my shoe is trapped. Payal says to stop by walk then, I don’t sit tight for anybody. Mitul says now see what I will do. They sit in auto and goes.

All of a sudden auto stops in transit. Mitul place something in auto’s petrol tank and grins. Payal reprimands the driver when he says that he can’t begin auto once more. Bunty brings the gatekeepers subsequent to making them wear suits as an agent.

Sid, Raj, and Bunty set them up for a meeting with Payal. Sid says Payal shouldn’t comprehend their arrangement. Raj requests that they stir up Chinese and Nepalese.

Bunty changes their clothing. Sid says you have made them genuinely Chinese at this point. Sid and Raj giggle. Naina comes to Ria and says we met after quite a while.

Ria says she would prefer not to talk and requests that her go. Neil reproves her for offending his mom. Ria says you don’t comprehend what she had done, else you would talk like this as it were. Roshni supposes what did Maa do?