Satya slaps Dhawal! Jamai Raja 30th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Satya slaps Dhawal! Jamai Raja 30th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Mahi coming out of her house and Dhawal’s goons gave her the injection and smelled her chlorophyll. Mahi gets unconscious and Dhawal and his goon take her away in the car.


Satya saw this an get angry. Satya took a cycle and started following Dhawal’s car. Satya falls down on the road but he again got up and started following Dhawal.

Dhawal took Mahi to someplace and asked his goons to start shooting. Satya was on his way and Dhawal started removing the clothes of Mahi and his goons were shooting it. Dhawal throws scarf of Mahi out of the window and Satya catches it.

Dhawal was about to kiss Mahi but Satya came there and beat all the goons with Dhawal. Satya holds Dhawal’s neck with Mahi scarf but Mahi wakes up and Dhawal notices and started acting.

Dhawal told Mahi to run as Satya was making her video. Satya asked Mahi to believe him but Koel came there and blamed Satya for doing all this. Mahi slapped Satya and told him that she had never imagined that he would do something like this.

Mahi, Koel, and Dhawal left. Satya was in shock. Mahi returned home and informed Payal that she will marry Dhawal. Payal and Koel smiled. Naina thinks how this could happen, I need to talk to Satya.

Payal talks to Neil’s pic and told it that once your daughter will get married then I will throw you and her out of the house. Mahi came there and Payal started crying. Mahi told Payal that you are the best Mummy. Dhawal came there and told Payal that can I call you mom too? Payal, Mahi, and Dhawal hugs each other.

Satya talks to Naina and says Payal and Mahi could have trusted me? Naina says why they would have trusted you, as without proof there is nothing that can prove that Dhawal is bad. Satya told Naina that I will do anything to reveal the truth of Dhawal.

Dhawal got a call from his friend and he invited Dhawal for a party. Satya was seen threatening Dhawal’s friend for calling Dhawal. At night, Dhawal was with a girl and they ordered wine and called the waiter. Satya came there in the dress up of the waiter and says you wine is her and also the bride that will never be yours. Mahi came there with Naina.


Satya was making the drink for Dhawal. Meanwhile, Dhawal was getting intimate with a girl. Satya felt notices that someone came and slapped Dhawal.