Mahi is angry! Jamai Raja 9th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Mahi is angry! Jamai Raja 9th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The episode starts with Satya holding Ganpati idol. Deepu and his friend put broken pieces of glass in the way of Satya. Satya walks on the broken piece of glasses and completed the task. Mahi gets impressed with him. The organisers increased the prize money to Rs. 25,000 and hand it over to Satya. Mahi recalls that she gave money to organisers.


Jamai Raja Today Episode Written Updates

Meanwhile, Deepu returns to chawl and distribute sweets. He told the chawl people that Payal will redevelop this chawl and we will get a good life and says Gangu Tai is gainst us and want to become the Secretary.

Sunil interrupts and says Payal will never do good for us. Deepu asked him to stop interrupting. Satya came there and gave Rs. 25,000 to Gangu Tai and told her that he earned this by lifting Bappa. Gangu Tai says what I will do with this money as my respect and reputation has lost and now none will stop from redevelopment.

Satya gets amazed and told Chawl people to not believe Deepu’s saying. Deepu reminds Satya of the challenge and told everyone that Satya came closer of Kole and Mahi because they are the two daughters of Payal. Satya gets shocked as he was not aware of the fact that Koel and Mahi were Payal’s daughters. Gangu Tai hears and get worried for Satya and think both Koel and Mahi are Payal’s daughter.

On the other side, Mahi returned home and she was feeling bad for Satya. Payal asked her to go on the date with Dhawal. Mahi agrees to it and goes on a date. Dhawal and Mahi reached a restaurant for dinner. Satya also came there and asked Mahi to take her money back. Mahi says she will not take the money and asked Satya to not create a scene here.

Satya asked other people in the restaurants to stand people and told them that Mahi used him for the redevelopment of his chawl and told Mahi that her mother is wrong. Mahi slapped him for blaming her mother for lying. Meanwhile, Dhawal talks on the phone and told someone that soon he will be rich.

Mahi asked Satya to keep the money as fees for saving her life from goons and for roaming with her sister. Satya says I will take my fees and he kisses on the lips of Mahi and says now I have taken my fees. Mahi is shocked and Satya asked her to keep money with her.

Mahi came back home and told Naina that she is angry on Satya. Naina asked who is Satya? Mahi looks angry.


In the upcoming episode, Satya came to know that Payal is coming to Basti. Payal and Mahi will come to Basti and Satya will leave in auto at the same time.