Jammu & Kashmir Search operation continues in Baramulla for terrorists

Jammu & Kashmir Search operation continues in Baramulla for terrorists : The Indian Army recently launched the search force to trace the suspected militants after the reports for it by the locals. The search operation was the initiative in the old town of Baramulla, which is the 5-km northwest of Srinagar.


The resident and official informed that the Kashmir Police along with the Kashmiri army came in around hundreds of numbers and sieged the border town situated on the banks of River Jhelum. The whole operation was carried out around 3 AM.

According to the reports, the army arrived and went to the place with the Mike. They asked the people to venture out one by one and with the first sunlight they searched out every house. It is believed that this quest operation contained 10, 000 resident at their home.

Meanwhile, the same kind of operation was carried out at the weekend in the Baramulla’s Kanli Bagh and Azad Gunj areas, but the outcome was nothing.

The meeting was conducted last week where the officials and army officers decided to continue the search operation. The reports are there that these operations were performed after the masked man threatens two passengers and used them to about the vehicle. Also, two private vehicles along with two auto-rickshaws were set on fire by the group of some people.

The reports were also coming that masked man snatched the few armors from the guards at the Doordarshan low-power transmitter station in the district’s Dalvash village. The snatched armors contain one INSAS, 3 SLRs, and one Carbine.