Atharv & Vividha get close! Jana Na Dil Se Door 11th September 2016 Written Updates

Atharv & Vividha get close! Jana Na Dil Se Door 11th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last episode of the TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door begins with the occasion of the “Vividha Ki Haldi” on which her Dadi Indumati, Uma and Guddi are applied Haldi on Vividha. Indumati also cracks jokes with her, considering her beautiful ever.


Later, Kailash is shocked when Suman and Sujata visit the temple to attend Vividha’s Haldi. Much before that Suman who determines to make Vividha as her daughter in law asked to Kailash in phone that she is keen to meet with her as well wishes to apply Haldi on her.

So she asked for the Kailash’s address. To avoid Sujata Kailash denied giving her the address by saying that they are here in the Mandir (Temple) where Vividha’s Haldi ceremony is going on. On the other hand, Sujata applies Haldi on Atharva.

Sujata also buy Shaadi Ka Joda (Bridal Dress) for Vividha and think to hand over the same to her, but before that she thinks to take blessings from Mata Rani so she also rushes to the same temple where Kailash is there with his family.

Kailash is panic to see both Sujata and Suman are coming in the same Mandir but he just manages to hold both of them. Due to Uma is unable to recognise Suman and her family she asked to Kailash about them but Kailash scolded her.

Suman now asked to Kailash that she wishes to see Vividha and Kailash take her to Vividha. Suman give gift to Vividha but Vividha somehow find something sceptical. Suman asked to Vividha after blessings her that is she is happy with the wedding.

Before Vividha could say anything Kailash gives nod. Uma find something sceptical but she is having full trust on Kailash that he can’t ruin Vividha’s happiness. Everybody greets and meets with Sujata.

Precap: Vividha and Atharva go romantic. Fro backside Suman is coming.