Jay & Rithvik dance to Madhuri! So You Think You Can Dance 2nd July 2016 Episode Hd Video

Jay & Rithvik dance to Madhuri! So You Think You Can Dance 2nd July 2016 Episode Hd Video :- So You Think You Can Dance definitely goes on air with our judge Madhuri Dixit, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis judging this reality television program. The competitor from all crossed the country cabinet their ability on this great platform and give the audience and judges in wonder. Numerous Indian and western dancing forms are done by the contestant who illuminates the step with their strong performance. Watch the interesting event of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ to understand what happens onward.


So You Think You Can Dance, Ab India Ki Baari had some Artist and Power Full Performances Based Event. Instantly Ditto its season for the Great Masti with the competitor, Judges Madhuri, Bosco, and Terence. Register host Rithvik and Mouni proceeded to consider the fans by their fun enjoying the experience on the scene.

After the Dismissal of Rishi and Prakash Last Week soon Top 10 Stage-Street Dancers left that now it’s Running to be a Serious battle between the surviving Dancers candidates. Everybody counting Girls and Boys View Head to Head individual other to obtain their Rank continued into the show.

So you think you can dance

There was No Elimination last weekend and Head 10 contestant Stage-Street Dancers finished best on their door to winning the People Hearts. Judges Bosco, Terence and Madhuri repeatedly all set to follow the Right from Top 10 Finalists and it’s performing to be the Potential Full Performance based Event with lots of Entertainment a long view.

Jay Bhanushali’s dance off with Madhuri Dixit on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ :

TV’s favorite artist Jay Bhanushali, who will be recognized hosting and TV’s future singing certainty show, The Sound had a dance off with star Madhuri Dixit


Jay Bhanushali was discussed developing his new appearance on dance reality show So You Think You Can Dance, which is holding found by Madhuri along with Terence In the view given by Jay Bhanushali, we can observe the talented artist swinging the leg with the dancing diva, Madhuri. Dhak Dhak girl watched beautiful in a monochrome suit.

Madhuri Dixit breaks down on So You Think You Can Dance set:

Madhuri Dixit became nervous on the factions of TV program So You Think You Can Dance Ab India ki Baari.

Madhuri-Dixit So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance

Bollywood’s dancing diva Madhuri Dixit became sensitive and broke down after attending a show turning around Parkinson’s attack on the bearings of TV show “So You Think You Can Dance ‘Ab India ki Baari’” hither.

contestant Shampa and Ryan left everybody with their unique act. The idea of the introduction was a love fantasy of a girl who has Parkinson’s illness and a fellow. They exhibition their journey wonderfully, willing everybody emotional.


“Shampa is remarkably gifted and the way she explained the results of Parkinson held our notice. I feel in our community there are so numerous people who need help from their parents who allow Parkinson’s.

It was a truly feeling and an emotional drama,” Madhuri said in a report.

Madhuri, habitually named the ‘Dhak Dhak Girl’ of Bollywood, is a specialist on the TV program, which is displayed on &TV with Choreographers Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis are her master professionals.