JD (U) slams BJP’s Sushil Modi over ‘returning’ luxury gifts

 JD (U) slams BJP’s Sushil Modi over ‘returning’ luxury gifts

Patna: The Janata Dal (United) leader hit out at the BJP leader Sushil Modi for his decision to return the expensive gift on Sunday. According to him, it is not new but it is a tradition to distribute gifts during the budget sessions.

JD (U) slams BJP's Sushil Modi over 'returning' luxury gifts

 The JD(U) leader Shyam Rajak said that gifts were distributed during the Sushil Modi’s government as well and now if they intended to return the gift today; they should not have accepted it earlier. Now, they are doing so to grab the attention of the media. They just want to come in limelight.

 “Gifts are always distributed by each department`s undertaking. This is not the first time and not only takes place in Bihar Vidhan Sabha. It happens in the Lok Sabha as well after the budget comes,” he added.

The Education Department of the Bihar Government had given microwave ovens on Friday to the MLAs costing Rs. 11,225 each arrived sharp criticism from various quarters.

Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary had defends distribution of luxury gifts to the MLAs saying that it’s tradition during budget session and went on to add that microwave ovens can be used to taste quality of MDM during the inspection in schools.

However, the gifts were accepted by legislators across party lines. On behalf of the ministers and those who enjoy the status of the minister, their staff received the gifts.