JeM head claims no damage done in strike: ‘All are alive and all is well’

JeM head claims no damage done in strike: ‘All are alive and all is well’: The head of the prohibited terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, Masood Azhar, said in an alleged column that false news was being spread about the fatalities suffered by the JeM and about his health and all these were incorrect. He wrote in his column “Nothing like that. All are alive and all is well”.

All is Well, No Damage Done in Balakot Air Strike, Says ‘Fit and Healthy’ Masood Azhar

In his most current column inscribed, under his pen name Saadi, in the most recent version of JeM’s weekly paper Al-Qalam, Azhar dared Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to a shooting or archery competition in order to offer a proposal prove how medically fit he is.

The news agency couldn’t self-sufficiently found that Azhar is certainly the author of the piece but Al-Qalam is generally known as JeM’s spokesperson and Saadi is a familiar alias of Azhar’s.

Associating his circumstances and that of his association to that of Muslims all through the time of Prophet Mohammed, Azhar said that together he and his followers are well. Azhar said that the fire started by Kashmiris like Adil Ahmad Dar who was the suicide bomber behind the Pulwama attack that killed 40 Indian troopers and the fire was not going to be turn off any time soon.

Azhar also mentioned to terror undertakings in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir as a freedom programme and claimed it would blowout all over the region and out of the valley as time advanced for the reason that this is how such movements progress.

Azhar inscribed that the circumstances in the region is serious and pointed out the attention to what was happening in Afghanistan.

On the rumours about his health, Azhar said that this was a matter on which he was typically unwilling to talk, but that given the publicity in contradiction of him, he was forced to write about his personal health condition. He claimed that he iss fit and fine.

He said, “I am fully well. My kidney and liver are perfectly fine.” He also included by saying that for 17 years he had never been to a hospital, and further that he had not refer to a doctor for quite a lot of years.

He also said a Quran stimulated intake have unfettered him from the grasps of illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. “There is nothing to worry about,” the JeM chief said. In addition he said that in his extra moments he practised archery.

He challenged PM Modi by stating, “Unlike Narendra Modi, I am fully fit. I challenge him to a game or archery or a shooting competition to prove I am more fit than he is.”