Jet Fuel became cheaper than petrol and diesel by a biggest single cut

Jet Fuel became cheaper than petrol and diesel by a biggest single cut: On Tuesday, the fuel prices for Jet became cheaper than petrol as well as diesel. The jet fuel price was reduced by a biggest single cut of 14.7% on the back of drop in worldwide charges. The fall in jet fuel prices resulted in making it inexpensive even from petrol and diesel both.

After price cut, ATF becomes cheaper than petrol, diesel

As per the price notice allotted by state-owned oil firms stated that the expense of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) which is used to generate power to the airplanes was lowered by Rs 9,990 per kilolitre (14.7%) to Rs 58,060.97 per kilolitre.

This is considered to be the second straight monthly discount in charges and the major single cut ever. Prices were reduced by Rs 8,327.83 per kilolitre (10.9%) on 1st December 2018.

The following two price declining has carried ATF prices to their lowest levels in a year and will make available considerable desirable help to cash broke airlines.

Prices are currently inexpensive than individually of petrol and diesel in maximum parts of the nation and it is not as much of expensive as even non-PDS kerosene in metropolises like Mumbai.

In Delhi the prices of petrol which is used in motorcycles and cars is of Rs 68.65 per litre whereas the prices of diesel which is mainly used in truck and buses costs for Rs 62.66 per litre. As compared to both the prices of petrol and diesel the fuel for ATF is Rs 58,060.97 per kl, which in per litre costs Rs 58.06.

ATF costs just greater than the rate indicted for kerosene vended over non-PDS (public distribution system) outlets in Delhi. Non-PDS in Delhi is evaluated at Rs 56.59 per litre.

ATF in Mumbai is one of the hectic airports in the nation and the fuel costs Rs 58,017.33 per kl whch in per litre cost at Rs 58.01. As compare to the prices of petrol and diesel in the city, the petrol cost of Rs 74.30 and the diesel is priced at Rs 65.56 per litre. It charges even less than non-PDS kerosene in the city which comprises of Rs 59.53 per litre.

The charges may differ from city to city be contingent on local taxes. Talking about the petrol prices on Tuesday, it was reduced by 19 paise per litre whereas the prices of diesel were reduced by 20 paise per litre.

At the present petrol costs Rs 68.65 per litre in Delhi and diesel is set at the price of Rs 62.66.

Since 18th October 2018, the prices of petrol and diesel have been on the declining route and combinedly the prices have been reduced by Rs 14.18 per litre in the case of petrol and Rs 13.03 a litre in case of diesel.

State-owned fuel merchants and traders go through charges of ATF on first of every single month grounded on regular international oil rate and rupee-US dollar exchange rate in the previous month. Petrol and diesel prices are reviewed on a regular basis.