Jhanvi throttles Prerna! Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” started with Jhanvi comes to the Bharadwaj house. She says is someone there? She hears the Sujata’s voice. Prerna and simar hold Jhanvi. Jhanvi said to the Simar, let me go. Where is Maa, Simar said, we have to save Maa.

Jhanvi throttles Prerna! Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Jhanvi asked to Simar, who are you. Simar said to Jhanvi, try to remember, we are family. I am your Bhabhi. Jhanvi said no you are lying, I don’t know you. You are a mentally ill person.

Jhanvi said, we need to take Maa to the Dr. Saigal as this is Dr. Saigal going to do the treatment of Maa but Prerna said, there is risk in the Maa’s life if you going to treat her in the Dr. Saigal as it is Dr. Saigal going to kill Maaji but Jhanvi is in no mood to trust Simar and Prerna.

Jhanvi said to Simar why you want to snatch Maa from me; I knew you are going to do this as you are in some plan, so I already informed police to come here. Somehow Simar managed to calm down Jhanvi. Simar also prayed to the Sherawaali that if Sujata will not cure, she will never worship Durga.

Now Winds start blowing and the Red Chunri falls on Sujata. Now Sujata said she wants to go to the temple and Simar now take Sujata to the temple where Sujata falls down. Now Chandra Mani appeared and asked to the Simar, you will not be able to save your Maa.

Simar asked to Chandra Mani that you kill my Rolie now please spare my Maa. You are having enmity with me, and then you should punish me, not my Maa. Now when Simar was doing Pooja, Jhanvi wanted to reach to them. Chandra Mani come to her and said to Jhanvi, if you want to stop Simar, you have to kill her and gives her a knife.

In the mean time, Simar already made Sujata cure by applying Pooja’s Sindoor on her and in the mean time, when Jhanvi come to attack Simar by knife, Simar apply the same Sindoor on her too. Now Jhanvi is oaky and normal and she addresses Simar by saying Bhabhi.

Precap: Jhanvi says to Prerna I asked you not to help Simar. Still you helped, so you will punish and Jhanvi throws her out. Prerna falls down.