Jharkhand: 16-Year Old Girl Raped and Brunt Alive; 14 Accused Arrested

Jharkhand: 16-Year Old Girl Raped and Brunt Alive; 14 Accused Arrested: – Well, the news is coming out from Ranchi where 14 accused were arrested by the police force on Saturday for murder and rape of a 16-year-old girl in Chatra district’s Rajatenduwa village. Also, the reports are coming that four accused are still at large. You may think that this is bad news but think clearly that these types of news are kept on coming back again and again. Well, the incident took place when the accused forcibly took the minor girl, who was on her way to attend a relative’s marriage ceremony, to a nearby forest and raped her.

Well, so far IGP Ashish Batra said, “A local village panchayat was convened which found the accused guilty. The village leaders then levied a Rs 50,000 fine on the culprits. Irked by the verdict, the accused got into an altercation with the panchayat members and the family members of the girl. Later, they rushed to the girl’s house and set it ablaze. The girl was burned to death in the fire.” School belt helps Delhi police find man who slit the throats of 8-year-old boy

Also, the reports are saying that the accused subsequently fled the village.  Some reports are saying that Police are conducting raids to nab those who are still absconding. Also, the Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das Reacted on the situation and said that this is really unexpected and strongly condemned the incident. This situation is very serious and we are feeling very bad about. We don’t think that this society will ever accept it.

Also, in a statement, Das said he was shocked by the gruesome incident and added that there was no place in the society for such ghastly acts. Overall this is really one of the most unexpected and brutal news of the day and surely it is going to make lot more controversy.