Jimins BTS Parent Knew He Will Born Before His Birth

Jimins BTS Parent Knew He Will Born Before His Birth :- The 13 October 2016 is the particular date for the South Korean favorite band, BTS as this day the world celebrate the birthday of the Jimin as he turned 21 today.


Jimin is the integral cog of the Bangtan Boys along with other six members. The Big Entertainment founded the BTB in 2013, and since then this band has been the sensation in the music industry in particular for the South Korean populations.

Meanwhile, when the whole world is celebrating the birthday of the Jimin, we have brought the exclusive interview of Jimin where he reveals the dreams that his parents saw before his birth.

During an interview, Jimin was questioned what dreams his parents saw before the night he was born? The 21-year musician replied that ” My Mom and Dad had different dreams. My Father saw the Dragon in his dreams and one the other hand, my Mother dreamed of the large tree with a glowing chili pepper.( In South Korean, it means “go chu,” which is also the symbol of male genital organ. This apparently means that Jimin’s mother saw dreams which say a boy will be born.)

The leading publishing media asked Jimin Is there any star that you would like to receive birthday greetings from? Jimin replied, ” yes, I would love if Homme, would make a song for me.”

Well, our team would like to wish the South Korean music sensation a very happy birthday.