JJ Lin Scandal, Singaporean Singer Scandal Explained!

JJ Lin Scandal The Singaporean singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and businessman; JJ Lin, has been victimized while undergoing a social media scandal as there are a number of social media handles that have been denigrating him for no reason. These accused accounts have spread hate for the celebrity all across the internet as a result the Shanghai Jiuze Law Firm has decided to take some rigid actions to save the public image of the concerned celebrity.

JJ Lin scandal

As per the available information, the concerned authority has identified 27 accounts on social media that have been posting several posts and comments deliberately to degrade the social status of JJ Lin. The Singaporean Mandopop star has given a statement on August 1, 2021, to take legal actions against all the accused of curtailing his public image by making false stories related to JJ Lin.

JJ Lin Scandal

As per the media reports and the statement, given by the Shanghai Jiuze Law Firm, this has been a long time since some of the social media accounts have been disturbing the image of JJ Lin by making fake stories. There have been 27 accounts found on the various social media platforms that are bent on spoiling the career of the Singaporean celebrity by spreading rumours.

On the side of a celebrity, the most prominent thing for a celebrity is respect from fans. the Mandopop star has decided to take the help of one of the renowned Law Firms in Singapore, that is, Jiuze Law Firm. The law firm has threatened all the mischiefs to pay for their mistake on the basis of legal norms. The social state is precious for not only a celebrity but also every comment individual anywhere in this world. Therefore; Lin has chosen to take the help of his legal rights to protect his reputation.

As per the false story spread all over the internet, JJ Lin and Pan were having connections with Wu and Wu is a convict of raping a teenage influencer while she was not conscious as she was drunk. Wu revealed the name of Lin with the view to becoming a witness and getting the tenure of his sentence to be shorter on the account of helping the police. This story is enough to spoil the public image of Lin as well as his professional life. This is a worth worrying issue for the celebrity so that he may save his image.

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