J&K Harinagar Farmer hoping for the peace between Ind-Pak

J&K Harinagar Farmer hoping for the peace between Ind-Pak :- The tension between India and Pakistan is now turning into the massive problem for the local resident of the residing along the Hiranagar border. The situation has gone worse after India’s surgical strike on POK.


The administration alarmed the local residents near the border to evacuate because of the tensed situation and this has raised the tension for the local farmers who are getting worried fro their crops that are yet to be harvested.

A local farmer of the Harinagar told media wing that ” the condition of the local farmer are getting worse as the crops are getting damaged and we cannot leave it without harvesting as it the only source for us and even it is our yearly income. We are working on the farms under the threat of war.”

Meanwhile, the pulses and paddy crops are ready to get harvested but the war threat is stopping the farmers from harvesting it. Deepak Kumar, one of the farmer said ” all the crops are ready to harvest but the
fear of war making us handicap for doing anything for harvestings crops. We know that if something happens, then the government is not going to give us a single penny, so we hope the peace will remain.”

Well, the situation has gotten worse for the farmers and now, people will hope that the war does not go on. But, Indian army has tightened up their seat belt and they are looking in no mood to forgive POK terrorists for the attack in URI, that lead to the killing of Indian Army man.