J&K Police seize over 150 Pigeons used for espionage probe ordered

Jammu: In a shocking news, J&K Police have seized more than 150 pigeons allegedly being smuggled for the purpose of espionage and a probe has been ordered into the issue. On 5th October, 3 people were arrested at Vikram Chowk in Jammu after they were found carrying 150 Pigeons in Banana Boxes.


Then, they were booked under Section 144 Cruelty to Animals Act and the birds were given to an NGO called SAVE (Save Animals Value Environment).

But, after noticing some suspicious things, the chairman of  NGO wrote to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jammu who then gave orders to inquire if the pigeons were being to be used in spying activities.

As per the statement of Namrata Hakhoo from SAVE that these pigeons had some rings in their claws and special magnetic rings attached to them which raised their suspicions.

Pigeons being used for spying and other untoward endeavours is not a recent development, as earlier this month, a pigeon, apparently from across the border, was taken into custody after a letter written in Urdu and addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found with it by BSF personnel at Simbal post in Bamial sector.

On 23rd September, a white pigeon, across the border, with some words written in Urdu was found in Hoshiarpur District, Punjab.