Justice Bhandari on ICJ win: Democratic voice prevails over privileged group

Justice Bhandari on ICJ win: Democratic voice prevails over privileged group: -Well, the great news is coming for the Indian nation to make all us proud for sure. Reports are confirming that India got an amazing victory in re-election for the fifth judge at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Reports are saying this winning is a huge diplomatic loss for Britain and it shows the “changing global order”. Even euphoric Justice Dalveer Bhandari said, “The democratic voice prevails over the privileged group.”

Justice Bhandari on ICJ win

Now, if we talk about the election we can say that India fought a tough battle against the United Kingdom (UK) to win this seat because the P5 (Permanent Members of the UNSC) were backing the latter even as India continued to enjoy an overwhelming support at the UNGA. Yes! You are reading it right we got the support from UNGA.  Also, the Dalveer Bhandari added that “The message was clear that India enjoyed the support of the world and I think that was the main reason of this result,”

Now, this is one of the most amazing things because While India’s argument was that selection of candidates should reflect the India’s growing position in the world order, Justice Bhandari had a very interesting value addition to India’s case. Even, he pointed towards the fact that he was the only judge with knowledge of the ‘common law’ at the International Court of Justice, which is also known as the World Court and is based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

“As a matter of fact ICJ is a world court and it may represent all the major legal systems of the world. So, common law systems must be fully represented in the ICJ. India’s standing to fill that gap which is there because he is no judge with the background of the common law in the ICJ at the moment,” he added.