Justice Lodha: India vs New Zealand series will not get cancelled

Justice Lodha: India vs New Zealand series will not get cancelled :- The ongoing series between India and New Zealand is in under big threat and there is the possibility that it might get canceled. The Lodha Committee asked the two banks to freeze the bank account of BCCI. According to the reports, Lodha Committee wrote and email to BCCI regarding and even send an email to Yes Banks and Bank of Maharashtra to freeze BCCI’s account.


Both these banks have to agree as they must be aware of the fact that Lodha Committee is sanctioned by the Supreme Court. An official of BCCI informed media wing that ” we are helpless as if, they will seize our Bank account then how we will be able to pay the money to the touring Cricket team board (New Zealand Cricket Board). There is a possibility that the remaining one Test match and 5 ODI will be canceled.”

Meanwhile, another senior member of BCCI slammed Lodha Committee for taking actions like this. He said ” they are only interested in doing whatever they want to irrespective of knowing other prospects of Cricket game. Even, the whole Indian cricketing season is under big threat. It is the BCCI’s money and they are only investing it for the betterment of World Cricket and India’s infrastructure.”

The official of Lodha Panel talked to media wing and asked them to wait for the 6 October. The official said ” we all have to wait for the 6th October 2016 and after everything will be sorted. Let’s release New Zealand Cricket team honorably instead of making us fool throughout the world for not paying them a single money.

Although, in a recent interview Justice RM Lodha, clarifies that the series between India and New Zealand will go on. He said ” we have not frozen the account of BCCI, but we asked them to not distribute the funds to any state association. They are absolutely free to continue their day to day expenses and all the matches will go on.

well, it has given all the cricket fans a reason to smile as ongoing series with New Zealand will continue.