Maha Episode! Kaal Teeka 18th September 2016 Today Written Updates

Maha Episode! Kaal Teeka 18th September 2016 Today Written Updates :- The show starts with Gauri thinks you are anxious about Naina. Isn’t it Yug? But soon, she will be gone. Kaali telling Naina why you are not sleeping? Suddenly the light goes, and Gauri says my plan got failed.


Kaali saw Naina a fire close to the rod, and she thinks how it came here and if, Naina would have touched it then, what would have happened? Kaali also checks the board and think Is Maanji Maa right? Is Dadi is doing all this? Kali thinks I need to talk to Maanji Maa and Gauri thinks I have to plan something else.

Vishwa asked Pandit Ji about a girl found by the woman in the river. Pandit Ji says Rameshwar knows about it, but he is gone to his village. Nandu came there and told Vishwa that you shoved my bride, and I will avenge you. Viswa calls him mental and sits in his car.

On the other hand, Yug says I will work from home to spend time with Naina. Gauri says no one cares about me. Vishwa calls his man and says parcel is ready. Vishwa’s men came and checked the car’s back and hit on Nandu’s head and he faints.

Leela was doing pooja with Naina and Maanji asked her Maaji do you miss Gaur’s child? Leela says of course, and I would kill that man who has taken her away from me. Yug came there and asked Kali can I play with Naina? Kali says yes. Leela says you never say never to Yug. Leela says how I will keep him away from her daughter.

Yug was playing with Naina and Gauri came there and asked Yug to allow her to take Naina out. Yug says Sanjevna with you. On the other side, Viswa’s men put Nandu in the water tank. Kali asked Yug to bring her daughter back as there is a lot of danger out there for Naina.

Gauri was out near water tank, and she put Naina on the tank. Nandu wakes up and saw water flowing and also saw Naina there. He thinks who this child is and started shouting.

Gauri hears and asked who is there? Nandu says open the tank, but Gauri goes from there. Yug tried to call Gauri to ask about Naina but Gauri herself came there and tried to act, and she faints. Vishwa asked her to make sit. Yug asked where Naina is? Gauri acted and said, my baby. Kali thinks I know Gauri you are acting, but you are harming your daughter.


In the upcoming episode, Gauri will say Yug I want my baby back. Yug says I will bring her back. Gauri says do you find her by now? I want her back.