Amma told Nandu Everything! Kaala Teeka 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Amma told Nandu Everything! Kaala Teeka 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Nadu saw Yug in the car and he broke the window and brings out Yug outside. The car blast and Yug thanked Nandu for saving his life and asked him whether he is going?


Nandu says I don’t know. Meanwhile, Kali was walking on a road with Naina in a stroller. Yug drops Nandu and told him that Azaad colony start from here. Kalli was adjusting Naina’s stroller and a car hits her. Naina went up in the air and Nandu catches her.

Kaali kisses Naina and Nandu asked Naina to come with him. Kali says No, I have a family and I am married, so I accent come with you. Nandu warned her and told her to come with him otherwise, he will take Nainan. Kaali denies and Nandu took the Naina and runs. Khali follows him.

On the other side, Yug returns home and Leela asked her whether he is fine or not? Nandu says I am fine. Leela asked him to meet Gauri as she is really worried about him. Yug checks and found Gauri giving the bath to the doll and she asked Yug to click a photo of her and his child.

Nandu came back home and lock himself with Naina in a room. Kaali and Amma asked Nandu to open the door. But Nandu says Kaali is saying she is not my bride. so I will not open the door. Kali asked him to open the door. The fire caught in the room and Kaali worries for Naina and asked Nandu to bring her daughter out of a room.

Kali and Amma bring the knife and warns Nandu, if he will not open the door, then they will kill themselves. Nadu opens the door and gave Naina to Kaali. Amma applies ointment on Nandu’s hand and Kaali told Nandu to see how a mother feels about their children. Amma says in heart I always thought Nandu will never understand anything but some people is so good.

rohit and Vishwa saw Kaali at Amma’s house and they hide. Meanwhile, Yug takes Gauri to a doctor. Doctor checks Gauri and told Yug that Gauri has suffered a bad effect on her mind and asked Yug to plan another baby with Gauri. Yug and Gauri were leaving from there and Gauri looks at Doctor and smiles evilly.

Vishwa and Prohit went to Amma’s house and asked her how she knows Kaali? Amma told them that she found Kaali in the bad situation. Nandu says Kali’s bad father fooled her.


In the upcoming episode, Amma says she was in bed for seven months and she told Nandu everything when she gets conscious.