Kali lost her Baby! Kaala Teeka 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Kali lost her Baby! Kaala Teeka 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with Vishwa is going somewhere with Purohit and he sees Nandu and his mother in a hut. He recalled that Nandu and his mother is the person who actually helped Kaali to save her life.


An evil mind of Vishwa thinks to contact with Nandu and his mom to find out the total information of Kaali. So he went there with Purohit and asked to Nandu’s Maa that he is Kaali’s dad.

On the other hand Gauri conspire against Kaali with doctor. Kaali is on her way to home and Manjari called her to know that Acahrya can do anything but still he won’t be able to harm you.

Kaali asked to Manjari that this is something you did great Manji Maa but now we need to stay more alert. Manjari asked to Kaali why so and Kaali asked to Manjari that today Nandu tries to run away with Naina.

Manjari is shocked to know the truth but she asked Kaali to be not anxious as now we will be take more care for Naina, though Manjari became anxious for Naina. Now Kaali is with her baby Naina and loving her.

Yug arrives there and he asked to her that he will be there with Naina but Kaali scolded him in fact, she asked Yug to stay away from Naina. Yug considers Naina is his daughter along with Kaali but Kaali is in no mood to believe that.

Next scene shows Kaali catches proximity with Yug and Gauri sees that and she creates a huge Dhamaka and conflict there on this issue. Gauri also asked to Kaali that now she is keen to go close with Yug as she wishes to snatches Yug from me.

Kaali asked to Gauri when Gauri said that to seduce Yug, Kaali went to Yug’s washroom. Kaali asked to her that she went to the Yug’s washroom as she thought that Yug is with Naina.

Vishwa asked to Kaali that how you can do so, how you consider an unknown baby as her own baby. Kaali is seen panic and the family return shocked.

Precap: Vishwa asked to Kaali that by taking Manji Maa’s swear you say that Naina is your and Yug’s daughter. Nandu’s Maa arrives and she asked to Kaali that Kaali had a miscarriage.