Naina is unconscious! Kaala Teeka 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Naina is unconscious! Kaala Teeka 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with the entire family is in the Mandir (Temple) and doing Puja. Nandu creates havoc in his house for the sake of Kaali in front of Vishwa as he is keen to have his wife. Vishwa is annoyed to see Nandu and his annoying behaviour and the Puohit scolded Nandu.

Kaala Teeka Episode Writt Updates

Kaala Teeka Episode Writt Updates

In the temple Gauri tied Naina’s stroller with the cow whom the family has been seen feeding food, and she also put fire on the Mandir. Cow is scared to see the fire and the cow run with Naina’s stroller near the river. The family is panic to see this and they run to save Naina.

Now Kaali and the family is shocked to see that in the river there is a hungry crocodile who is peeping at Naina, Naina is also all set to sink into the water and she also goes sink actually. Kaali is broken down in tears to see the scene.

Dadi Maa also stop Yug from going to the river when he was about to go to save Naina, but still Dadi denied him from going there he did not hear anything and run to water where he manages to save Naina with the help of Nandu. Kaali is now sighing to see that Naina is safe.

In the night Kaali asked Yug and Gauri to sleep with Naina and Gauri thinks that why without any reason Kaali want me and Yug to be close with Naina. She also asked to Kaali that Naina is habituate to sleep with Kaali and with us if she will cry then it will be problem.

Yug asked that he is keen to sleep with Naina and if she will be cry then he will be take care of her. Kaali thinks about Gauri that I know you feel irrited with the baby but gradually you will become close to her as you are her mother.

Now Kaali left to her room but she is worried for Naina. Gauri intentionally makes Naina cry and she did drama to call Kaali and she also asked to Kaali that you take care of Naina and let me bring milk for her. But Gauri is actually having a plan against Naina.

Gauri actually fixes electricity current on the stroller of Naina as she is wishing to kill her.

Precap: Naina’s hand is close to the wire. She is about to touch it.