Epic Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Epic Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with Vishwa says to Manjiri that is she wants to go somewhere. Manjari said that I am only worried for Gauri and I want development of Gauri instead of the curse.

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

Yug arrives in the Kaali’s room instead and Nandu said to him that it is my wife’s room, Yug said Oh! Yes. He said yours wife Kaali’s next room is my wife’s room so I by mistake went there.

Nandu said its okay and he also give him congratz message that you are all set to become dad. Yug smiles and said thank you. Now Vishwa arrives with Sharmila and dazzles to see Kali there.

Vishwa is about to take Kali’s oxygen mask off. Nandu arrives in the nick of time with the doctor where the doctor asked Vishwa what he is doing here, he said that I arrive here by mistake actually I was keen to go any other room.

Leela says to Gauri its okay sometimes the child is premature. Vishwa curse himself when he was alone that how he can go in any other room. Yug thinks how Vishwa arrives in this room; I hope he is not in any wrong motive.

He also thinks that I need to take care of Gauri properly as well as I need to protect her especially from Vishwa as anyhow I can’t put my child’s life is in danger.

The warden says that a crazy man is creating lots of drama in the hospital. Nandu say to Yug that nothing going to happen to neither-neither Kaali nor Gauri as we will be supports each other anyhow. Now Kaali’s face is half covered so Nandu is unable to see her.

Vishwa arrives and he asked to Yug that Gauri needs you there and Yug leaved. Somehow Manjari realised that it is Kaali did not tried to kill herself it is in fact Vishwa did something like this to her.

Nandu asked to Manjari that anyhow I have to save Manjari as I can’t loss her. So he rushes to the temple where he prayed to god to save both his baby and Kaali. On the other hand Yug said that I need to save Gauri.

Vishwa thinks it is right time to kill Kalli so he just looking forward to have an opportunity. Doctor arrives and said that Kaali gives birth to a healthy child and she is also okay.

Precap: Doctor says child and baby both are okay. Prohit says to Vishwa this is right time to kill Kaali.
Vishwa said that Kaali’s child is Kaal for me so I have to finish her…