Major Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Zee TV most fabulous exciting show, Kaala Teeka looks like an excellent entertaining program, which gives the big voltage potential that increases to the Kaala Teeka supporters.



Kaala Teeka 19th October 2016 Written Update

The current TV series Kaala Teeka permanently made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never leaving the dilemma way and unquestionably the high crux of the program is to showcase in the newest episodes that, Gauri says dadi see Naina’s shoes, they are all signed. Leela says how? Dewri says don’t touch it. He takes them.

Where In the most recent episode,Yug sits with Dewri doing some mantra. Kali is pursuing the flying creature while dewri does his mantra. The fowl is going in trees. Kali is terrified.

The winged animal alters his course. Kali says it is going towards home, Nandu says gives up. The hawk comes where dewri is and drops Nation there in his lap. Everybody is terrified and entranced. Kali and Nandu come as well. Kali says Naina. Kali takes Naina from him. Dewri says I let you know the child would return.

Yug says thank you such a great amount for sparing her life. Nandu says see my sibling. He spared my lady’s girl. Dewri says I let you know her destiny isn’t right. Yug says what? Dewri says I let them know next six months are truly overwhelming on her.

Yug says why didn’t you let us know Kali? Manjiri says on the grounds that we don’t trust everybody. We don’t have the foggiest idea about their expectations.

Nandu says don’t say that in regards to my sibling. He is the best. Dewri says Nandu it’s alright I am odder for them. It is difficult to trust an outsider. They can think whatever they need to about me. Since I would prefer not to clear up.

Yug says Kali now you will enlighten me everything regarding Niana. Furthermore, let me know dewri what to do? Kali says you are getting in superstitions once more. Leela says let him. Haven’t you seen what is going on to Naina?

Furthermore, how this tree came here? Do you have any rationale? Kali says yes. Some for may have planted it here. I will chop it down. She gets the hatchet. Dewri is doing his pooja in his room. He tells Vishwa you took my adolescence and demolished my childhood. You couldn’t take my destiny.

You kicked the bucket however before biting the dust your kala teeka became acquainted with why you needed to murder her since she was your kaal and now your kaal is my energy.

Presently perceive how I turn into the lord of black magic by giving her give up. After that, every dark power will be with me.

God would need to come to earth to beat me after that. Dewri tells everybody that the arrangement is mind boggling however in the event that you pull out all of you will bite the dust.

Leela says we won’t pull out. Dewri says the mother needs to battle water, fire, land, earth, and light. She needs to do pooja and beat them. Yug says who might do that?

Kali or Gauri? Dewri says kali on the grounds that in eyes of God she is the mother.