Major Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Kaala Teeka 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with Kaali asked Gauri and Yug that they can sleep with Naina and Yug gives the nod. Gauri feels annoyed to see Naina but her evil mind think a drama to kill Naina and by having an opportunity Gauri fixed the electric wire on the stroller of Naina.


Due to Naina was crying with her Yug asked to Kaali that she need to carry Naina with her and let her sleep with Kaali as now Naina is not habituate with us and Kaali also gives nod. In Kaali’s room she is shocked to see that in the stroller of Naina there was electricity fixed and she said thanks to Ram Jee as Naina saves.

Kaali feels that Naina’s life is in danger and she thinks to discuss the issue with Manji Maa as she is heavily tensed to feel that Naina’s is everyday became victim of attack.

Next day under an evil plan Gauri asked to Yug that she keen to go for a walk and she wishes’ to carry Naina with her as she is missing her own baby very much. Yug said okay but asked her to be careful with Naina also asked her to take watchman with her.

Now Gauri actually in the outskirts of the house keep Naina in the water tanker and she shocked to see that Nandu is also there. She did a drama in the Haveli by going there as injured that somebody snatches Naina from her and he also attack on me.

Kaali is shattered to see that Naina is missing and Manjari Maa asked to the family that the watchman must speak about Naina and Yug also scolded watchman. He said that he don’t know anything about Naina. Gauri whisper something in the ear of Vishwa and Vishwa look satisfied.

Precap: Gauri says Yug I want my baby. Yug says we will find her. Gauri says did you find her by now? No one knows where she is. I want my daughter…