Kaala Teeka 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Kali is Scared

Kaala Teeka 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Kali is Scared :- Zee TV most conventional exciting show, Kaala Teeka looks like an interesting moving program, which gives the boundlessness voltage potential that shift to the Kaala Teeka supporters.


Kaala Teeka 1st November 2016 Written Update

The fabulous TV series Kaala Teeka made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never unnecessary dilemma way and developing , the extended crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, Devri is doing his tap. Kali’s seat begins moving frantically. She is terrified. She has Naina’s in her lap. Kali holds Naina firmly.
Where In the latest episode, Nandu comes to Devri says let’s play with sparklers. Devri says you do them. Nandu says so you won’t celebrate with me now? Kali says in heart this is essential to touch off feelings in Devri’s heart.

Abruptly devri is encompassed by flame. Kali says in heart I needed. Devri says in heart I can’t utilize my forces to blow the fire. Nandu runs towards devri.

Devri says you don’t approach Nandu. Nandu says, my sibling. Somebody spare my sibling. Leela says to bring water. Yug and Raghu attempt to blow the fire.

Nandu embraces Devri says sibling I was so frightened. Leela says what sort of Diwali is this. To begin with, Mukta now with Devri. Devri embraces Nandu back. Manjiri reviews Prohit saying Vishwa needed to expel all feelings from him.

Devri wipes his tear and takes a gander at it. Kali and Manjiri are in a room. Manjiri says Naina do you like your first Diwali? The dias look so great. Kali says the feelings of devri are arousing.

That implies his evilness would decrease. Kali says that is the thing that Prohit said. Manjiri says the way he takes a gander at me, panics my spirit. I know it was him that day who attempted to manhandle me.

Kali says I can comprehend your sentiments yet we can’t be frightened. Manjiri says you are correct. Regardless of how intense malevolence is, Kali says truth wins.

Devri says it’s incomprehensible how is this conceivable. Truth can never win. Detestable wins. I won’t give my feelings a chance to assume control me.

I need to accomplish two targets. I will break that Kali’s quality and I know who to focus for that. He sits for his tap. He says this is Kali and this is naina.

I isolated you from Manjiri now I will isolate you from Naina. Do you cherish her privilege? See what I do. I will perceive how you leave this.