Vishwa Mix Something in Milk! Kaala Teeka 21st September 2016 Written Updates

Vishwa Mix Something in Milk! Kaala Teeka 21st September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with women run away with the Gauri‘s baby in the jungle where she asked the women to sacrifice the baby instead she will be having a baby boy after sacrificing her. Gauri still did not affect much after knowing that Naina is her daughter and she is actually tensed for her own daughter and she runs away by declaring that she is keen to have her own baby so, Yug gives her assurances’ that nothing will happen to our daughter.


Kaali run towards jungle to save Gauri’s baby with Manjari and when the women were about to throw Gauri’s baby in the fire Kaali just catches her and save her. The women asked to Kaali that how she can intervene in the work of sacrifices and they scolded Kaali.

But Kaali replies them back and said that nothing can we have by sacrificing baby and she save Gauri’s baby. Yug brings baby and Kaali in the home and he asked the family that he is happy that her both babies are saved.

Kaali raised the question to Gauri on this issue that is you sure whom we saved she is your baby as only the women say that we can’t believe that but Yug scolded Kaali by saying that how can you think so we have our baby now and that is the truth.

Kaali asked Gauri that she was only keen to speak the logic but Gauri lashes out at her as well she tries to hit her but on the nick of time Manjari holds her hands. Nandu sees a Barat and his mom explains to him the importance of marriage which makes him happy.

Kaali says Manji Maa that baby is not Gauri’s baby. Kaali further asked to Manjari that we have to save the both babies as it is the same person who tries to harm both of them. We have to expose him ASAP Kaali said.

Precap-There is Pooja in the house. Vishwa mixes something in the milk. Leela says we give Gauri’s daughter a bath of milk.