Kali shouts! Kaala Teeka 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kali shouts! Kaala Teeka 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka, it has been shown that Vishwa says to Purohit that does not scare me. Purohit asked to him you do not need to scare but since Kalli left her child arrives here now she will ruin your life as it is your fate but Vishwa intervenes to Purohit by saying I am powerful enough to change my fate.

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

Kaala Teeka 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Vishwa says because of this child Kali was found and lost? Her life is equal to death to me. Purohit says okay let me find Kaali, and Vishwa asked Purohit that makes sure Kaali should not be alive. Now Vishwa asked Manjari to attain the Aarti ceremony.

But Manjari asked to him hope you will not hide anything from me and Vishwa asked to her is ever I hide anything from you. So Manjari gives the nod to join the Puja ceremony.

Amma says to Nandu you brought her from the hospital? When she sees KAali and Nandu asked to her yes, Amma she is my bride and I should meet with my bride. Amma says before another drama let’s leave her in the hospital. Nandu says I won’t let her go. She is my bride. Somehow Kaali got conscious and she keeps saying Yug.

Kaali elaborate her story to Amma and Amma asked her to let go to her family. When Nandu tries to stop her Amma manages to lock him in the kitchen and then she asked Kaali to go.

Now Kaali first comes in the home but when she sees Yug is with Vishwa, she just hides as she thinks that if Vishwa will see her then he will be killing her. She thinks to follow them to the temple as the family has been seen going to the temple. Now in the temple, Kaali is shocked to see that Yug is with Gauri and child.

She is shocked to see that Yug is taking blessings from Leela and elders with Gauri and Yug also makes Gauri were bangles of the dynasty. Manjari arrives and asked to them that my blessings are with you till then you are with the truth.

Kaali cries and asked to herself that even Manjari Maa considered lies as the truth. She said now what I will do on being alive, I need to die. Everything ends now even my Manjari Maa is not with me.

Precap: Kaali at god, is it is your justice? You took my Manjari Maa and Yug from me. Vishwa puts Naina in a basket and leaves her near the bank of a river.