Manjiri Hugs Kali! Kaala Teeka 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Manjiri Hugs Kali! Kaala Teeka 26th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with Kaali arrives towards Nandu and she asked him that how noble Nandu is that he saves her daughter Naina. Nandu was wounded so Kaali asked him to apply for medicine on his wound; Nandu’s Maa thinks that Kaali is having no connections with Nandu then why Nandu always became happy on seeing her.


Nandu asked Kaali to apply for medicine on his wounded, Nandu’s Maa said that she will apply medicine on his wound but Nandu asked Kaali to apply for medicine and she did the same. Vishwa asked Gauri that this is already proven in the DNA test that Sunaina is not the daughter of Yug, Gauri is shocked.

Vishwa and Purohit also steal both babies Sunaina and Naina to kill them but somehow Kaali get to know this and she follows Vishwa to see that Vishwa’s motivation towards babies is not good. She tries to save the babies both Sunaina and Naina but in this process she trapped in the railway track.

Gauri next day on seeing that babies are missing asked for everybody where kids are. The family consoles Gauri but she is only looking for her daughter Suniana. Vishwa asked Dadi that both babies are as well as Kaali is also missing.

I hope Kaali did not steal the both babies. The family is shocked to realise that both babies Sunaina and Naina are missing as well Kaali is missing. They are unaware of it that Kaali is actually on the mission to save both babies.

Now Kaali arrives in the house with both babies and she asked to the family that she took both Naina and Sunaina for an outing. But Dadi and Gauri lashes out at Kaali as she dares to take Naina and Suniana with her and the family go worried.

Yug asked Dadi that Kaali’s intention was good for the babies. Gauri even asked to Kaali that if she ever touches her baby without letting know her then she will be killing her. Vishwa and Purohit are shocked to see Naina with babies.

Manjari asked to Kaali is she sees the face of the culprit, Kaali said no but still she is very sure about it that she will definitely go to see the culprit. Vishwa thinks to accomplish his mission ASAP but Purohit asked to him that he should not be in hustle bustle to do so.

Precap: Vishwa says to I have been doing everything from behind the curtain but I will hunt in my jungle. He tells Purohit the plan and also asked to him that no mistake should happen anyhow.