Kaala Teeka 28th September 2016 Written Updates! Vishwa shoving the baby in river

Kaala Teeka 28th September 2016 Written Updates! Vishwa shoving the baby in river :- Now the latest crux of the TV series Kaala Teeka is yet to showcase how Nandu hits Vishwaveer on the head, just when he is about to push the car down the cliff. Nandu then hits the glass of the car and tries to wake up Kaali but fails. After a while, Kaali wakes up and gets out of the car. She takes out her baby too but by then.


Vishwaveer attacks Nandu. Moments later, Vishwaveer’s family arrive at the scene and Vishwaveer asks Nandu to hit him. Vishwaveer later informs the entire family that Nandu was the one, who had tried to kill Naina. Gauri goes on to prove that there is a connection between Kaali and Nandu with the help of a video.

The episode further shows that when Vishwa was about to pushes Kaali in order to kill her Nandu saves her by hitting at Vishwa’s head. It is actually Vishwa wanted to start a drama against Kaali and Nandu for that he asked to the family that this mad man Nandu first hit me and now he is keen to hit the family.

Nandu also keeps saying I won’t leave anybody for that everybody holds Nandu. Vishwa now in the home and he asked the family that Kaali is having the relationship with Nandu and Gauri also shows the video in which Kaali apply for medicine on Nandu’s wound.

Gauri asked the family that Kaali is having a kind of relationship with Nandu, she also tries to show Kaali characterless with Nandu for that Kaali even slap Gauri. But most crucial that Vishwa put a challenge in front of Kaali and on this challenge Kaali have to prove herself innocence in just 3 days.

Kaali is worried whether she will be able to prove her innocence in just 3 days, and Manjari Maa gives her assurance that she will be able to do so as Naina is with her who will be surely giving justice to her Maa.

Kaali also decided to handover Naina to her real mother after proving her innocence and she also said that she will be leaving this house forever. Vishwa asked to Manjari that is she believes Kaali more than him, but Manjari asked to Vishwa that it is true that she trust Kaali but she can’t trust Kaali more than her husband Vishwa.

Vishwa did not reply anything and Manjari is keep doing an inspection on him to asked him that from few days she is having strange feelings and Vishwa became fishy on it. Kaali asked Manjari that Bade Papa (Vishwa) can’t do this alone, she is having doubt that Purohit Jee is there to support him and Manjari gives the nod.

Manjari asked to Kaali that we will be collects proves against Vishwa and Purohit Jee in the time during the Puja ceremony.

Precap: Manjiri says to Prohit you know what Kalantran is? He says why are you asking me that? Manjiri says no Acahrya Jee (Vishwa) read about it somewhere.

Pandit Ji asked to Kaali that this man saw Vishwa shoving the baby in the river. Kaali asked him to reveal the truth in front of the family and the Pandit Ji gives the nod.