Kaala Teeka 2nd November 2016 Episode Written Updates! Nandu Slaps Kali

Kaala Teeka 2nd November 2016 Episode Written Updates! Nandu Slaps Kali :- ZEE TV most enjoyable entertaining program, Kaala Teeka looks like a pleasant exciting show, which gives the tremendous voltage performance loop that changes to the Kaala Teeka supporters.


Kaala Teeka 2nd November 2016 Written Update

The natural TV series Kaala Teeka lastingly made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never moving dilemma way and especially the big crux of the program is to showcase in the latest chapter that, Nandu tries to fill Kali’s hairline. Kali pushes his hand away and slaps him. She says what’s happening with you? Because I don’t live with my better half doesn’t mean I am not wedded. Yug comes and offers Naina to Kali. He says nobody can part Naian from you.
Where In the latest episode, Devri says how could that be? Leela says I was so frightened. You said this was all incident in light of the fact that Yug still needs to be with Kali.

Devri says I will discover an answer don’t stress. Devri says in heart Kali will get hitched to nandu. Kali is crying in her room. Yug says do you need Naina? Possess me Naina will come to you also. Kali says in what manner would you be able to try and feel that.

Yug says I adore you. Kali says it was just childishness. Yug says yes I am childish however don’t say it isn’t loved. Devri catches. Devri tells to Nandu who other can help Kali get Naina back? Kali can not get Naina a father.

She can be her mom and this thing conflicts with her. She doesn’t have a spouse. You generally secured Kali and Naina then why are you venturing once more from your duty today. He gives him a plate of sindur and says pick it and fill her hairline. Nandu says affirm.

He takes sindur and Manjiri tells Kali I will get Naina back to by yug’s hand.
Manjiri comes to Yug and says it’s better Gauri took Naian. Kali couldn’t deal with her. It’s better she can leave with whoever she needs.

She is off her obligation now. After that, Gauri is playing with Naina. She says naina leave my hair. She is going to slap naina. Yug comes and takes Naina from her. Then Gauri tells where are you taking her?

Yug says to her mother. Gauri says I am her mother. Yug says conceiving an offspring doesn’t make you a mother. Kali is her genuine mother. Go to court, you will wind up in prison. Kali is in sanctuary she says I can’t survive without Naina. If it’s not too much trouble give me my little girl back. Nandu accompanies sindur.