Rajinikanth’s Kabali Box Office Collection Total Till Date Today

Rajinikanth’s Kabali Box Office Collection Total Till Date Today :- Kabali one of the most appreciated movie of the year which was released already in the box office and attracted good quality audience towards it. People who watched the movie said that they really loved it. Even, in some areas people celebrate the releasing of Kabali as a festival and that’s the mind-blowing fact about the “Rajini” Sir. Everybody loves him and his movies and he is the international icon for not just Tollywood even for whole India.


Rajinikanth starrer movie Kabali released on 22 July 2016 in the box office and now completed more than 50 days at the box office. But believe me, the craze for this movie is still better than any other new release. In some areas, people are still coming out to watch the movie and cinemas still running this movie. Overall, the box office running time of this movie is finished.

Kabali Box Office Collection

People are not just attracted towards this movie because of the Rajinikanth. Even because of the good marketing, the movie created enough hype to attract audience towards it. The Promotion work was fabulous and people watched the movie in very good numbers and that’s mind blowing. Makers tried their hard to attract the audience.

So, after a lot of Marketing and promotion the movie released in between audience. But just before the release of this movie news came up that maker collected 200 Crore from distribution charges and satellites right and believe me that worked for the movie. Also, when everything is going positive in the favor of makers suddenly Critics started giving mixed reviews to the movie.

But nothing can stop the audience and true fans of Rajinikanth they came outside to watch this movie in very good numbers. The movie collected 600 Crore grossly worldwide from the International market and that is mind blowing.  The Movie collected 259 Crore from the overseas market and not just in the US even the movie ruled the box office in Malaysia and Japan.

Even in an interview Producer S Thanu said: “I will never forget these days in my life. This release has given me so much happiness. It has broken the collection records of Indian cinema in the last 100 years.” And you all know that his words are 100% true on this statement. The movie became the highest earning movie in the US for the India.

Also, In Malaysia, this movie became the first Indian movie which collected that many bucks for the makers. In the end, we only can say that Rajinikanth is not just a normal star for us. He is better than better even at the age of 65.