#Kabul Afghanistan: 80 killed & More than 100 wounded in 3 suicide bombers attack

80 dead and hundreds of people wounded in the explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan. 3 suicide bomber detonated the bomb near the mass demonstration in Kabul.


The deadly explosion occurred at Deh-mazang Circle of Kabul, Afghanistan. The thousands of people from minority Shia Hazaras were demonstrating over a power route line, according to media reports.

Central Kabul was put under lock-down by the security agencies and police forces with major intersections being blocked. The protesters sought to march on the presidential palace, waving flags and chanting slogans such as death to discrimination.

The Police officials confirm 3 suicide bombers at the Shia Hazaras rally. 1st suicide bomber detonated explosives,2nd suicide bomber vest ws defective and the 3rd bomber killed by NDS officers of Afghanistan.

Health Minister Afghanistan said that the injured people took to the hospital for the treatment.

The President of Afghanistan condemned the attack and said that those who killed the innocent people were not the muslim.

No terror group took the responsibility till now but there is suspect on Taliban because this terror group is very active in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan.

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on #Kabul Hazara protest, says group’s Amaq news agency

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