Kabul Airport: Taliban Kill Mastermind of Suicide Bombing Explained!

The breaking news is coming that the senior Islamic State group leader has been killed by the Taliban. According to US officials’ reports, the Islamic State group mastermind thought to have planned the devasting 2021 bombing at Kabul airport has been killed by Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban. In this  Kabul airport bombing on August 2021, there were 13 U.S. service members and about 170 Afghans dead. This news is on treading. This news is gaining attention on the web and further, is the trend in every news headline. This is very big news that comes from Afghanistan. Now people are curious to know in detail about this news. Let’s read in detail.

Taliban Kill Mastermind of Suicide Bombing

According to US officials reports they told BBC news partner CBS, that IS figure was killed weeks ago but it took time to confirm his death further they added that his name has not been released. The person who was killed by Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban his name is still unknown. According to the reports, IS leader recently was killed in early April, he was killed in Southern Afghanistan. Further,  According to Darin Taylor Hoover’s statements, on Tuesday he said that Marines announced just limited information and did not identify the name of that suspect.

Taliban Kill Mastermind of Suicide Bombing

According to the sources, a person who shares every information through chats. Hoover worked with a group of 12 Gold Star families. Moreover, Hoover kept in touch with the group of 12 Gold Star families after the bombing. The mother of Marine Lance Cpl.  Marine Lance’s mother’s name was Cheryl Rex. Cheryl Rex died in the blast. She was the person who made the chats. They all talk through chats about the attack. According to the reports, Cheryl Rex told the AP that they have a chat group, where they informed each other regarding attacks. Late Monday, they talk on a chat group about the killing. They just waiting for the official report from U.S. military officials.

According to the reports, if we talk about the relationship between the Taliban and the U.S.  is not too good. The bad relationship happened between the  U.S. and the Taliban because the Taliban was banned to send girls to Schools and other working place like international aid and health agencies. But after all of this, there is little communication still exists between the U.S. and the Taliban. This relationship still exists because of Tom West. But Tom West’s relationship is with Kabul’s Taliban officials not with the another person of Kandahar.

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